My world is a canvas, and I paint it with a profound passion for the interplay of colors and contrasts, blurring the lines between graphic design, visual art, and illustration. My work extends into a realm where art and branding converge. 
I meticulously craft advertising campaigns, illustrations, and brand identities that evoke emotions in the fields of art, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and hospitality.
My work experiences as an Art Director, Graphic Designer, and Visual Artist has been lasted over a decade during which I've created, both digitally and through hand-drawn artworks, campaign and assets for small brands as well for renowned global brands
“Being a people-pleaser is unexciting, inactive, and lacks authenticity.”
WORKS FOR​​​​​​​
Ader Error • Chiara Ferragni Brand • Clio Makeup • Contesta Rock Hair • Dolce e Gabbana • Eesome MagazinE • Encadrer • Fantabody • Frac Festival • Frenzy • Hunger Magazine • Italianism • Marni • Mc Donald’s • Philipp Plein • PPPattern • Psykhe • Quattrocento Eyewear • Rinascente • Sheena • Superbo Studio • Versace • J.W.Thompson • Wunderman Thompson