With a multidisciplinary approach, she brings concept-based visual identities to life through carefully hand drawn and digital designs. 
Her excellent conceptual and creative skills and a strong passion for researching trends and competitors makes her working intuitively with brands to distill their core message into its clearest and most visceral form (to craft a brand experience that resonates and represent the brand’s personality), creating design elements that are suitable across all visual media. 
Whether she’s partnering with agencies or working on the brand side, her goal is to build brands and visuals whose voice is memorable and timeless with a distinct point of view.
When most people think of graphic design, she thinks of designs created for marketing and advertising, something in between graphic art and illustration.
She thinks in terms of original artworks. 
Her work is known for its elegance and warmth, bringing tactile sensibilities into engaging print and digital experiences.

"People-pleasing is boring and unauthentic."
WORKS FOR​​​​​​​
Ader Error • Chiara Ferragni Brand • Clio Makeup • Contesta Rock Hair • Dolce e Gabbana • Eesome MagazinE • Encadrer • Fantabody • Frac Festival • Frenzy • Hunger Magazine • Italianism • Marni • Mc Donald’s • Philipp Plein • PPPattern • Psykhe • Quattrocento Eyewear • Rinascente • Sheena • Superbo Studio • Versace • J.W.Thompson • Wunderman Thompson