Hello, my name is Paola Arena. I'm a Visual Artist / Illustrator / Graphic & Textile Designer based in Italy.
Illustration, painting, photography, fashion, music and cinema are mixed together in my mind giving birth to a unique style which is the sum of all these elements. I like to manage all the steps of the creative process, starting from the identification of the concept (successively developed through moodbards to assimilate and hybridize the various references within a new and personal aesthetic imagery) to the production of the final work. I am a curious person who likes to research, observe and analyze new trends to understand the inner wokings underlying the dynamics of fascination that involve contemporary users.​​​​​​​

Jwt •Wundermann Thompson • Frenzy• Hunger Magazine • Quattrocento Eyewear • FRAC Festival • Encadrer • Rinascente •McDonald's • Lazy Oaf • Ader Error •Sheena • Psykhe •Contesta Rock hair •