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Born in Calabria and raised in Rome, she worked as Graphic Designer, Social Media Manager and Fashion Stylist.
Her academic background is in Communication with a focus on Sociology of Consumption and Fashion Marketing.

Through her intervention, through the hand-made illustrations, she personalizes and transforms into unique pieces advertising campaigns, covers and editorials of fashion magazines printed in series and destined for wide-scale diffusion, adding her own key to the pre-existing layouts.

Her work is both a way of making art that escapes labels and a form of creative recycling that goes beyond the old dichotomy that has always opposed high culture to low culture.

Overwriting her aesthetic vision on a pre-made destined for a completely different use, she re-defines not only the purpose of use of the magazines but also their life cycle, estranging them from the dynamics and the times of the “new releases” and introducing the concept of a series of unique pieces.



Hunger Magazine
Quattrocento Artspace

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