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Paola Arena is a freelance artist and illustrator.
She worked as Social Media Manager and Fashion Stylist.
Her academic background is in Communication with a focus on Sociology of Consumption and Fashion Marketing. As fashion stylist she has had various publications on digital and paper fashion magazines such as Carbon Copy, Jute Magazine, LUI Magazine, iMute Magazine and others.

“Since I was a little girl, I have had an interest in art and fashion. I still have the notebook on which I drew my first fashion sketches. I was 8 or so. In all these years I never stopped drawing or painting even if I didn’t go to an art school. I’m a self-taught artist. My art school was watching my grandfather paint in his studio. He was a painter and I was totally fascinated by him and his microcosm of dirty brushes, palettes, large canvases and smell of turpentine. Art has been a constant part of my life; however, I never limited myself to one style or medium. I used oil, acrylic, and water colors, in addition to oil pastels, markers and a graphic tablet. I like to draw by hand as well as with my Mac.

A large part of my work is the constant research for inspiration. Each piece I create is simultaneously an extension of the past – where I’ve come from and what I’ve learned – as well as a preview of the future, the place where I’m going. My art is a journey, a constant evolution that by definition never stops.”



Hunger Magazine
Quattrocento Artspace


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