MARNI: Between fashion, art and pragmatic aesthetic

The use of fine fabrics, combined with the high craftsmanship and the extreme accuracy for every detail, make Marni a timeless luxury brand. Precisely because of this, the brand's distribution strategy aims, despite the pleasant interludes of the collaboration with H&M and Estee Lauder, at a niche target.
Everyone who conceives the dress as a tool of personal representation recognise himself in the brand.
A perfect definition for the brand is: “the way teachers of art would dress if they had enough money ".
Marni is also the negation of marketing strategies. Since the founding date, the fashion house has grown without advertising and without red carpet fanfare. The stores and word of mouth from customers have further contributed to the success of the brand.
For Marni, Art is an immense and infinite world of ideas, images, details, colours and solutions. In an interview with Dazed & Confused, the brand's creative director said that Art and Fashion are connected to each other and are an expression of the Zeitgest. A dress can be a piece of Art, but with two added values: functionality and high craftsmanship.
Design is alway been something focused on pragmatism: it’s made up of simple, sometimes elementary, shapes. Then the colour, the grain of the fabric, the incongruous combinations, charge them with new energy. A fashionable modularity with a modernist ad sensual flavour, in which touch sensations are important as the sight ones.
In fact, color is evocation, it changes the look of things, defines the atmosphere, influences perceptions and sensations.
Consuelo Castiglioni, founder and designer of MARNI, always refers to her brand talking about a «silent elegance», and describing its style as a mix of «narration, construction, tradition, culture and instinct», earning the role of spokesperson the so called "European inflected Bohemianism " aesthetic.
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