Osteria Oliva is a contemporary trattoria that joyfully embraces the essence of
Roman cuisine with a global flair. Transported into the conviviality of authentic
Italian Sunday lunches, in the inviting ambiance reminiscent of a familiar spot
– where the lingering warmth of shared moments fills the air. Picture wine stains
artfully imprinted on tablecloths, plates that bear the traces of delicious
indulgence, napkins casually crumpled from moments of gastronomic delight,
and sturdy wooden chairs and tables that harken back to the charm of
yesteryear's homes and traditional trattorias. The logo I've created encapsulates
this rich experience, ingeniously mirroring the silhouette of a glass, inviting you
to perceive it as either half-full or half-empty – a symbolic nod to the varied
perspectives our gazes can look at.


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